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My name is Christoph

I'm a web developer with passion for the sweetspot of quality and progress in your project.

This is my Portfolio and Blog.

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What can I do for you?

During my career in software I have build up a holistic skillset from building complex frontend web components to building robust and scalable microservice applications.

Most cruicial is my ability to set foot into any project within days, boost development with years of experience in companies different shapes and sizes and bring everybody along for the ride. My goal is to reignite team spirit, deliver your project on schedule and show the way to manage the problem to build a maintainable software product.

Agility is king. Working my way into software development from a science background I always keep the non-technical part in mind that makes some software great and why some products fail. It's this T-shape allround experience, technical excellence and my optimistic motivation that I can bring into your team to get it done.

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Technical proficiency

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Latest projects

crypto tax and asset management.

Chain Report

The one tool to organize your tax liabilities for all your crypto exchanges and assets. Just add your API key and your tax report is generated with convenient visualizations and analysis of your crypto assets. The platform is highly scalable with the use of serverless lambda functions and super performent with Nextjs. You will experience a uniquly design feel of MaterialUI which hides the complexity that is crypto and the german tax system.

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A quality audio tourguide wherever you go.


A venture into iOS development. This app present touristic information on your travel around the world wherever you go. Experience seemless integration into your environment with many inteligent features like drive mode and a recommendation engine.

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Want to get in contact?

Feel free to send me a message over the contact form below in case you wish more detailed information. If you are interested in a private call to talk details please schedule it via the Calendly integration on this page. Either way I am looking forward to hear from you.

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