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Welcome to my new Gatsby-Website.

June 30, 20202 min read
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A Joyful Journey: My Positive Experience with Gatsby 🛠️

As a web developer, I have tried various tools to create websites efficiently, including WordPress and Bootstrap Studio. However, neither of them completely met my expectations. WordPress, although widely used, can be slow and prone to security issues, while also being somewhat cumbersome for developers. Bootstrap Studio offers an easy-to-use tool with a gentle learning curve for those without extensive web development experience. Despite this, I found it limiting due to its fixed CSS styles and inflexible components, which made it difficult to achieve the desired design.

Enter Gatsby, a platform that boasts enhanced performance and security by serving only static files. The primary reason I decided to switch to Gatsby was its vast array of plugins, enabling easy integration of features such as progressive web apps and content management.

November 2020 - Smooth Sailing with Gatsby ⛵

The fact that you're reading this is proof of my satisfaction with Gatsby! Since getting started, I have successfully implemented the following functionalities:

  • Progressive Web App functionality: This app can now be added to the home screen on Android and Apple devices.
  • Caching mechanism: My pages are cached using a service worker, ensuring instant loading when revisiting the site.
  • MDX for quick blog entries: I no longer rely on PowerPoint for my content creation.
  • A CI/CD pipeline with Netlify: Setting this up was surprisingly easy.

Overall, my experience with Gatsby has been extremely positive. The platform offers support for everything I wanted to accomplish, seamless plugin integration, and only a few minor roadblocks, typically caused by outdated dependencies. Gatsby has earned its place as my go-to tool for web development.