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Welcome to my new Gatsby-Website.

June 30, 20202 min read
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I has been a pleasant experience so far.

After some time creating websites quickly out of the ground with wordpress and bootstrap studio. I was not satisfied with both of them completly. Wordpress often lacks the agility and customizability that I want and is prone to security issues when not keept up to date (+ its a PITA to work with as a dev). Bootstrap studio seems like an easy to use tool and a nice alternative for extensive development work and manageable without much knowledge of web development. Still I found it cumbersome to design the website the way I want with fixed CSS styles and unflexible components (+ the fact that bootstrap looks like... well, bootstrap). Gatsby on paper offers great advantages of performance by serving just static files and great security by that means too. The best of it all and the real reason for me to make the switch is the extendability with all the great gatsby plugins I am looking for. You can integrate e.g. progressive web app features and content management with ease.

November 2020 - Like a brease

Because you can read this it is official, Gatsby is great! Until today I have added those functionalities:

  • Progressive Web-App funtionality. Get this app on your home-screen on an Android and Apple device
  • Caching mechanism. When you visit my pages they will be cached in a service worker. Come back and feel the instant load.
  • Utilize MDX to write new blog entries in lightspeed. Bye bye Power-Point.
  • A CI/CD pipeline with netlify. It was just too easy.

Overall the experience has been nothing less than great. I have found support for everything I wanted to do, the integration into the ecosystem with plugins can only be described as perfect and I have only hit minor roadblocks which often could be tracked down to a gatsby dependency not being up to date. I think I will stick with it.