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Roamy: Your Dynamic, Spontaneous Tour Guide Extraordinaire.

November 08, 20213 min read
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Roamy: Your Dynamic, Spontaneous Tour Guide Extraordinaire 🗺️🚶‍♂️

Lockdowns had me itching to embark on a thrilling new adventure, so I dove headfirst into an exhilarating project: Roamy! This brainchild of a Karlsruhe entrepreneur transforms your smartphone into a trusty tour guide, allowing you to explore cities and landscapes like never before. 🌆🌳

Lost in a new place? Fear not! Fire up Roamy and let it regale you with intriguing tales of nearby sights. Roamy encourages you to wander off the beaten path while keeping a friendly, virtual guide by your side. 📱🧭

A Dazzling Dive into Native iOS-App Development 🍏

This project offered a golden opportunity to delve into a tech stack I had barely scratched the surface of. With a new programming language, IDE, framework, and OS to conquer, the real challenge lay elsewhere: a dying 2012 MacMini. 💻💥

My once reliable companion ascended to the Apple Cloud with a loud whir, refusing to boot up. Resurrection attempts were futile, and it was time to bid farewell. 😢

A Mac with a Ryzen 3600? 🤯

A friend whispered tales of the "OpenVanillaCore" Project, an open-source kit for building Hackintoshes, compatible with the latest Ryzen processors. Intrigued, I abandoned the common "Clover" builds, which only catered to Intel processors. With the help of the incredible community, I equipped my latest PC (Ryzen 3600, Radeon RX 5700, MSI 570) with the rootkit, essential kernel extensions, and a fitting config.plist. I followed this guide and gleaned insights from c't. To my delight, everything worked like a charm! 🎉

Update from November 2020 📆

Smooth sailing so far! I've managed all upgrades, even on Big Sur, without a hitch. While some functionalities (Messenger, Discord) experienced minor issues, I am pleasantly surprised by the overall performance.

Update from November 2021 📅

Alas, the latest upgrade broke the system. With Apple's powerful M-Chips on the market, I'd think twice about attempting this feat again. The Hackintosh offered impressive power for €700 with a Ryzen processor, but today's native Macs are unbeatable.

The Beta Launch is Imminent 🚀

Roamy is shaping up to be an exceptional app, and I'm excited to join the open beta with my new iPhone SE. Soon, you too can embark on a Roamy-guided adventure! For more information, check out their webpage, or drop me a line if you're curious about my PC build.

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