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Roamy, a fresh start to audio-guides.

November 08, 20213 min read
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Roamy, the dynamic and spontanious tourguide

While being locked down I invested the last couple of months into a exciting new project. Roamy is the newest idea of a Karlsruhe entreupreneur and a great product to explore a new city or landscape anywhere. If you ever find yourself lost again just start up Roamy and the app tells you about all the interesting sights on your track. You are encouraged to explore on your own and be guided by Roamy by your side.

A classic native iOS-App

I have made many new experiences on this project and it has been a great opportunity to dive deep into a tech stack that I have only had very little knowledge about before. Besides a new programming language, IDE, framework and OS the first challenge ahead was a different one. Initially I had a late 2012 MacMini in storage for any work I had to do concerning iOS & MacOS. Unfortunatly, my trustworthy friend went to the Apple-Cloud with a bang and was not booting but running air with power of an airplane turbine. Long story short, I was not able to bring him back again.

A Mac with Ryzen 3600?

From a friend of mine I heard about the "OpenVanillaCore"-Project. An open-source kit to build an Hackintosh and even better with the latest Ryzen-Processor that just came out. When tinkering on the OS-level I trusted my fried with his tip to avoid the usually common "Clover" for these builds also because they only allow for Intel processors. With great help from the community at I was able to equip my most recent PC (Ryzen 3600, Radeon RX 5700, MSI 570) with the rootkit, the needed kernel-extensions and a config.plist that fits this setup. I mainly followed this guide and went to through all information that gave me the idea to do this project on c't. What can I say, it worked great! Even though researching the single extensions and configuring the right config.plist was the most time intensive, with the help of the community it was not nearly as hard as I expected it to be.

Update from November 2020

Still runing smoothly. I have managed all upgrades even on big sur without any problems whatsoever. Some functionalities dont work properly like the messenger and only discord has been weirdly quiting on me, but other than that I am completly surprised by how smooth things have been going.

Update from November 2021

Its was broken on the latest upgrade. Of course it was not going to work for long. With the new models from Apple and their super strong M-Chips I would think twice about taking the effort again of doing this. At the time it was great because I got a Apple OS witht he power of a full fledged Mac for about 700€ with a Ryzen processor but today the power of a native Mac can not be matched.

Beta starts soon

Its great to see Roamy getting shaped into a great and special app. I ordered the new IPhone SE today to be a part of the open beta that starts any day. I am sure that soon there will be a chance for you to explore it too. If you wish any more information about Roamy check out their webpage or maybe you are wondering about my new PC-build then just write me.

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