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Chaining crypto with my favorite technologies.

November 11, 20212 min read
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Chaining crypto with my favorite technologies

A rising technology with a cutting edge tech stack

My latest project is all about crypto. Glancing at the latest breaking rise of crypto it is the ideal time... to declare taxes? Thats right, Bitcoin is on an all-time-high again but the german tax system is to be told to be the most complex in europe and makes it hard to tell if now is the right time to sell your coins. chainreport takes this problem out of your hand. We developed a platform that takes the API keys from any of your favorite crypto wallets and processes all your trades automatically. Then you can not only see a great overview of your crypto and trades but can generate your tax report with the click of a button. Sounds interesting because you own crypto that has risen in value as well? You can sign up here for free and get 10% discount on any additional purchases on the platform.

Talking tech

The FE is a Next.js React application. This was a new but rewarding change for me. This framework makes it possible to create an optimized and performant react application but makes these features optional. Great support from other libraries and the latest React features make this framework a go-to when using React on the FE. Today there are only limited reasons why one should choose CRA over Next.js because it gives you the best of both worlds. The BE has some interesting nuances as well. It is a node - GraphQL server and I have previously already emphasized my favor for this stack. This time it includes a Redis caching layer to store previously made request to APIs that hold the coins prices. Interesting as well was the queue service we used to request the rate limited APIs of the exchanges we support. In the intermediate future there will be other technologically interesting advances as well. We plan to go serverless very soon and redo the FE design from the ground up in the upcoming couple of weeks.

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